Flower Goodbye Cake

My favorite coworker left for another company, so I had to bake her a goodbye cake.

I made her baby-shower cake as well, two years ago.


I wanted the goodbye cake to be similar and show how much progress I’ve made in the past two years! I loved the baby-shower cake at the time (and still think it’s cute) but I’ve learned so much more about making decorative flowers. I want to go back and recreate it again some day.

It’s hard to make the first cut.

This was another Matcha cake. They’re just so delicious. People were coming back for seconds all night.

Blue and Silver Wedding

I made another wedding cake.

The couple sketched the cake themselves and I executed it.

Here was the sketch. When we spoke in person, we changed up some of the colors and reordered their initials (the bride comes first).

And here’s the cake!

It was a vanilla cake with vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream frosting and Sugar Plum jam filling.